Bal Sahitya Sanchalak Children's Forum Nepal (Bal Manch Nepal)

Bal Sahitya Sanchalak Children's Forum Nepal (Bal Manch Nepal)
Shantipath, Anam Nagar-32, kathmandu-32, Nepal
Fax/Phone: 977-1-4254195, 977-1-4220713, 977-1-4254195. email

Introduction:  Children's forum Nepal (CFN) is a non-profit making, service, oriented organization established with the objective of looking after the welfare and interest of children's community in the spirit of the United Nations Convent5ion on the Rights of the Child. This organization has been registered with Kathmandu District Administration Office in 1993. The registered No is HMG/CDO/KTM. 219/050/51.

Objective:  The main objectives of the CFN are as follows:
  • foster the effective implementation of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (Nov. 20, 1989)
  • run the various programs actively participated in by the children of Nepal towards safe guarding the rights of children.
  • work as a common forum among the children within and outside the country for the world's peace and development.
  • work as  catalytic agent to dr4aw attention of the government society and international agencies to launch programs conducive to the welfare of the children.
  • award an honor those schools and excellent teachers who are involved with the children's activities to promote not only the educational standard but also to enhance international understanding and personality development of students.
CFN have organized several programs to attain the above mentioned objectives. The programs were: children's competitions on essay writing, public speaking, spelling articulation, fine arts, sports, cultural programs, quiz in general, environmental quiz etc. and were organized in commemorations of special days and in the name of national heroes, Martyrs and social icons. Yearly Awards established are: Ten Top Children, Children of the Year, International Forum Talent of the Year, Top Five Talent from Five Regions, Best Teacher, Honor to Best Promoters of Children's Literature, Child Literary Talent. CFN has organized and established over 100 such programs with  gracious hands of various social organizations. The number of the programs  vis-a-vis the organizer/ founders are as follows:

1.                  International Forum (its one of the Sister Organizations)        33
2.                  International Forum and CFN :                                                      32
3.                  Tanka Prasad Acharya Memorial Foundations :                        12
4.                  Migrendra Medical Trust :                                                                 5
5.                  Pasang Lahmu Mountaineering Foundation :                              4
6.                  Kavitaram Children's Literature promotion Venture                  3/4
7.                  International Forum and Tek Bahadur Rayamajhi :                    3
8.                  Green Nepal Party :                                                                            3
9.                  Banepa Municipality :                                                                         2

Others contributing for one each are: Rupak Memorial Foundation, Amnesty International Nepal- 80, Kabi Ratna Krishna Prasad Ghimire Memorial Foundation, International Forum and United Nations Information Center.

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